Index Issue Two

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Editorial for Issue Two


Robert W. Gehl & Sarah Bell, Heterogeneous Software Engineering: Garmisch 1968, Microsoft Vista, and a Methodology for Software Studies

Annette Vee, Text, Speech, Machine: Metaphors for Computer Code in the Law

Bernhard Rieder, What is in PageRank? A Historical and Conceptual Investigation of a Recursive Status Index

Jennifer Gabrys, Sensing an Experimental Forest: Processing Environments and Distributing Relations

Carlos Barreneche, The Order of Places: Code, Ontology and Visibility in Locative Media

Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhythmics: Understanding Micro-Temporality in Computational Cultures


Bernard Stiegler, Die Aufklärung in the Age of Philosophical Engineering


Chiara Bernardi, Working Towards a Definition of the Philosophy of Software

Kevin Hamilton, Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile

“      “, Notes from the Digital Underground: Cyber Illegalism and the New Egoists

Boris Ružić, Review of Networks Without a Cause: A Critique of Social Media

Felix Stalder, The Googlization of Google

Greg Elmer, Peer-to-Peer Protesting: Evading the Police Kettle