Computational Culture

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Index Issue Five

Issue Five Introduction   Special Issue, Rhetoric and Computation Annette Vee &James J. Brown, Jr., Editors, Special Issue Introduction Steve Holmes, Can we name the tools? Ontologies of Code, Speculative Techné and Rhetorical Concealment John Tinnell, From WIMP to ATLAS: Rhetorical Figures of Ubiquitous Computing Kevin Brock, The ‘FizzBuzz’ Programming Test: A Case-Based Exploration of […]

Index Issue Four

Editorial Issue Four Articles pop Paul Dourish, NoSQL: The Shifting Materialities of Database Technology Irina Kaldrack and Theo Röhle, Divide and Share: Taxonomies, Orders and Masses in Facebook’s Open Graph Benjamin Grosser, What Do Metrics Want? How Quantification Prescribes Social Interaction on Facebook Dennis Tenen and Maxwell Foxman, Book Piracy as Peer Preservation Alex Taylor, […]

Index Issue Three

Editorial for Issue Three Articles Michael Castelle, Relational and Non-Relational Models in the Entextualization of Bureaucracy Evelyn Ruppert, Not just another database: the transactions that enact young offenders Anne Helmond, The Algorithmization of the Hyperlink Taina Bucher, Objects of Intense Feeling: The Case of the Twitter API Reviews Thor Magnusson, On Creativity and Calculation: Attempts […]

Index Issue Two

Editorial for Issue Two Articles Robert W. Gehl & Sarah Bell, Heterogeneous Software Engineering: Garmisch 1968, Microsoft Vista, and a Methodology for Software Studies Annette Vee, Text, Speech, Machine: Metaphors for Computer Code in the Law Bernhard Rieder, What is in PageRank? A Historical and Conceptual Investigation of a Recursive Status Index Jennifer Gabrys, Sensing […]

Index, issue one

Editorial 1: A Billion Gadget Minds Special Issue: A Billion Gadget Minds Michael Wheeler, Thinking Beyond the Brain: Educating and Building, from the Standpoint of Extended Cognition Anna Munster, Nerves of Data: the Neurological Turn in/against Networked Media Ingmar Lippert, Extended Carbon Cognition as a Machine Luciana Parisi and Stamatia Portanova, Soft Thought (in architecture […]

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