Computational Culture

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Section Editorial: Human Movement as Critical Creativity: Basic Questions for Movement Computing

Abstract This text poses a number of basic questions to the Computational Culture reader, and beyond, concerning the computation of human movement. The formulation of these basic questions (and broad problems) hinges on the need to better understand the nature of creativity, which according to this author, may be a key driver in the emergent […]

Special Section Editorial: Toward a Geographical Software Studies

Introduction Geographic concepts have always been implicated in calls to study software as a political, cultural, or social phenomena, even if they have not always been named as such. “Software structures and makes possible much of the contemporary world” writes Matthew Fuller in the introduction to Software studies: a lexicon1—a succinct summary of the central […]

Editorial, Issue Five

Editorial Welcome to Issue Five of Computational Culture. The bulk of this issue is taken up with a series of articles published under the rubric of an exploration of rhetoric and computation, guest-edited and carefully introduced by Annette Vee and Jim Brown. We thank them and all the contributors to this issue of the journal […]

Rhetoric Special Issue Editorial Introduction

Rhetoric and Computation What might rhetoric and computation illuminate when we view them together? At first glance, rhetoric and computation may seem like strange bedfellows, but they both find roots in philosophies of rigorous reasoning and symbolic logic. How might we systematize knowledge and communicate it accurately? How do we break complex patterns and ideas […]

Editorial Issue Four

This fourth issue of Computational Culture is, in the lingo of academic journals, an ‘open’ issue. It wasn’t edited together with a view to following a single matter of concern, or even with a view to underlying ‘disciplinary’ coherence – indeed, as work that situates itself in the loose constellation of analytic concerns represented by […]

Editorial Issue Three

With the rapid ascent of Big Data – always the capitals – into the vapour clouds of overheated, media-saturated publicity, and its condensation into the steady drip, drip of the recent Snowden leaks, questions about the generation, storage and processing of data have become a matter of concern for many. The thoughts and anxieties of […]

Editorial Issue Two

Given the number of texts that follow in this, the second issue of Computational Culture, it is, for the sake of readers, at least, incumbent upon an editorial to attempt the virtues of celerity and concision. We will do our best to satisfy such a requirement. The developing field of software studies aims to engage […]

Editorial 1: A Billion Gadget Minds

Welcome to the first issue of Computational Culture!  This is a journal that aims to provide a space for the emerging kinds of thinking and practice, aligned with, but not limited to, the growing field of software studies.  Software and computation more broadly has become fundamental to almost every aspect of daily life.  As computation […]

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