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Issue Seven (forthcoming)

Issue Archive

  1. Issue One: Special Issue, A Billion Gadget Minds (Publication Date: November 2011)
  2. Issue Two (Publication Date: 28 September 2012)
  3. Issue Three (Publication Date: 16 November 2013)
  4. Issue Four (Publication Date: 9 November 2014)
  5. Issue Five: Special Issue, Rhetoric and Computation (Edited by Annette Vee and James J. Brown, Jr.) (Publication Date: 15 January 2016)
  6. Issue Six: Special Sections, Computing the Corporeal (Edited by Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Scott delaHunta) and Geographies of Software (Edited by Nick Lally and Ryan Burns) (Publication Date: 28 November 2017)