Issue One


Editorial: A Billion Gadget Minds

Special Issue: A Billion Gadget Minds

Michael Wheeler, Thinking Beyond the Brain: Educating and Building, from the Standpoint of Extended Cognition

Anna Munster, Nerves of Data: the Neurological Turn in/against Networked Media

Ingmar Lippert, Extended Carbon Cognition as a Machine

Luciana Parisi and Stamatia Portanova, Soft Thought (in architecture and choreography)


Lev Manovich, Inside Photoshop


Yuk Hui, The Plane of Obscurity — Simulation and Philosophy

Benedikte Zitouni, Into More-than-Human Worlds: feeling wireless environments on the fringes of our perception

Michael Batty, Review of Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life

Olga Goriunova, Empty Internet

Jentery Sayers, Review: Programmed Visions: Software and Memory

M. Beatrice Fazi, Cybernetics in Action